Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Running back in Alaska - 6.2.09

I've been in Arizona for the past two weeks, so today was my first day running in Alaska since May 17th. I've been running in sunny AZ where it was in the 70's and 80's in the early morning. A bit warm, but REALLY nice.

I finally solved my shoe problem. Back to my favs, Salomons. The best shoes I've ever run in. They just make my feel feel goooooooood! Ran about 6 miles today. I could definitely tell a big difference in the humidity level here compared to AZ. It was about 10% in Tucson and roughly 55% here in Anchorage. Yuck! It wasn't all that warm (comparatively speaking), around 60 and mostly sunny. I think I got too used to the warm weather in Tucson. I was freezing my ass off today!!! After about a mile or so I warmed up though.

It's strange running through the desert where there aren't any large trees, just cactus and scrub brush. They have trees, but not like up here in AK. You can see everything in Arizona. Before I left for Arizona the leaves hadn't "popped" on the trees or bushes yet. Of course, now everything is blooming and all the trees have all of their leaves. I felt like I couldn't see anything. Felt like I was running through tunnels. Didn't like the feeling at all. I liked being able to see ahead of me and beside me. No worries of anything jumping out at me, like a freakin' bear!!!!!!! I've been running through Alaska for almost 10 years and I've never felt that way. Eight more years and I won't feel that way any more!

The only exciting thing that happened today was that a seagull almost pooped on me. I think he did it on purpose. When he saw me coming he scooted over to the middle of the trail, he was on a medal bar with a light on it that went across the top of the bridge, and let a big one go! Luckily it was breezy and it blew the opposite direction. HA!! Showed him...... :)

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