Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4.28.09 -- What a beautiful day!

Well, today was a BEAUTIFUL spring day in Alaska. I almost put on a pair of shorts and I wish I would have! Low 50's and nothing but sunshine. I think the low 50's to 60 are some of the best temps to run in. I've run in temps from -22F to about 110F.

My "lunch" runs are done in the Ship Creek area of downtown Anchorage. This area of town has the highest number of homeless folks in Anchorage. I say that because I encounter many of these people on the trail. I run along the Ship Creek Trail. Of course, it runs along Ship Creek. During the summer months I can see huge King Salmon in the creek. What a sight to see as I run along the trail, watching the Kings splash and make their way up the creek (it's more like a river, but oh well). I'll write all about it this summer. There are also lots of bears around the creek, but fortunately I have yet to run into any! By August running along the creek is pretty disgusting. The rotting fish make for a horrific smell. It makes you gag! Okay, I got off track a little there. Much of the time the homeless folks I encounter at noon are highly inebriated. Today a man and woman were sitting on a bench along the trail. The lady says to me, "Hey jogger! Jog on man!" They're usually very friend. I've never had any problems, though I'm cautious b/c it is somewhat isolated from the road at times. With the business I'm in (Corrections) I know to keep my guard up. When I came back around they were "drunk necking" pretty good (I can't get the image out of my head! Yuck!!). She then asks me for a smoke! Sadly, I had to say no because I'm RUNNING you freakin' weirdo!

That's about it for today's excitement. Later.


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